Ton Infants' School

Happy Faces, Kind Hearts, Enquiring Minds/Hapus, Caredig, Chwilfrydig.


Our Links with the Community

Our school has many links with the local community, the business community, the education community and the global community.
Our Local Community.
The school has a good relationship with the parents/carers and families and local community and encourages close contact and communication with these stake holders.  Parents/carers and families are welcomed into the school and encouraged to feed back about school life.  Parents/carers and families in the local community are invited into school to help with readers, sewing, building, forest school activities etc.  At the school we run the Square Mile Initiative, where parents/carers and families sign a general consent at the beginning of the year allowing the staff to take pupils out and about around the community within one square mile of the school.  Risk assessments have been in place and are followed to ensure health and safety.  The children visit the local church, park, train station, grocers, post office, pet shop, a residential home on a regular basis.  We also welcome many visitors from the community such as P.C. Hare, Father Haydn,Fire Service, PONT, Super Attender and others.  In addition to this, our playgroups, Ton Tots and Ton Tiddlywinks, Mini Mes and our after school care club.
Our Business Community.
As part of the daily running of the school we use many local businesses to provide us with their goods or services. We purchase fruit from our local grocers, building supplies from the local building yard, flowers from the florist and first aid supplies from the chemist.  If something is unavailable locally we endeavour to use Welsh businesses.  We hold our Christmas production in our local theatre in Ton Pentre and our annual sports day in our local sports centre.
An example of the children working with a local business on a business venture is when they worked in partnership with the local pound shop to provide pooper scoopers to eradicate dog mess around the locality.
The Education Community.
We have very close links with the local secondary schools, colleges and training centres, from which we accept many students on placement.  We have a strong link with the University of Wales Institute, Cardiff and have trained many student teachers.  We also have had many past pupils returning to the school on a voluntary basis, either to run after school sessions, such as dance, or to join after school club, such as Welsh Club.  We work closely with the Junior School to provide a smooth transition; we also are developing links with our playgroups, which is now housed within and opposite the school environment.
The school has many visitors from many other local schools as we are well known in the area for our outstanding Foundation Phase practice and our Outdoor Learning activities.
The Global Community.
The children are taught Personal and Social Development, Wellbeing and Cultural Diversity continuously.  The children have access to many resources, such as dolls and books, which reflect on and explain about different cultures and traditions.  We are linked to Little Angels Primary in Babutu, Uganda, and write or send items to our friends regularly.  They write to us in return.  This is co-ordinated by Pont, a registered charity.