Ton Infants' School

Happy Faces, Kind Hearts, Enquiring Minds/Hapus, Caredig, Chwilfrydig.


Our School, Vision and Values

Ton Infants School is a Nursery/Infant School for boys and girls in the 3-7 age range. The Head Teacher, Governing Body & Rhondda Cynon Taff administer the school. 
The School was built in the year 1882 and has approximately 190 pupils shared between 3 units within Lower Foundation Phase (Nursery & Reception) and Upper Foundation Phase (Year1 &2). The number of children change each year depending on intake.
Ton Infants' School has a vision. This vision is,

Happy Faces,
Kind Hearts,
Enquiring Minds.

Wynebau Hapus,

Calonnau Caredig,

Meddyliau Chwilfrydig.

The school encourages high standards in all aspects of school life. This is achieved primarily through play and fun, allowing children to learn in an interesting and positive way. Children and Parents are valued as individuals and any concerns will be given the schools full attention. A caring ethos and good standards of behaviour are actively encouraged. The school caters for the More Able and Talented pupils, as well as the pupils with Additional Learning Needs.